Containers by railway

The company “Railway Logistics Service” offers full set of services of railway transportation of universal ISO or specialized containers in shuttle block-trains or as a single dispatch. The service can be fulfilled from any of container terminals in Latvia.


The services of container dispatch by railway include:


  • Receiving containers from vessels or road transport
  • Providing a rail wagon
  • Arranging of rail formalities
  • Customs procedures
  • Station expenses payments
  • Payments of rail tariffs till a destination
  • Tracking twice per day
  • Payment of line’s charges on behalf of shipper


Transportation of goods in containers has the following benefits:


  • Multimodality, i.e. total compatibility with fit sea and road transport
  • High safety level
  • Low transit time of container block-trains
  • No queues at borders


During activity of the company Railway Logistics Service has transported dozen thousands of TEU with variety type of goods to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. The list of these goods contains industrial equipment, chemicals, ore, foodstuff, vehicles, clothes, electronics and many other products.