Questions and answers

  • How can I get a quotation?

    It is very very easy! Please send us a request in the most convenient form for you. You need to mention type of goods, a type of container if any, required service, a place of loading and a destination. We will contact in case additional details will be necessary.

  • Can I transport by railways a cargo, that arrives in line's owned container?

    The transportation by railway in line's owned container must be agreed with this shipping line. It is necessary to count return of the empty container to the port or dropped off at destination if such service is provided by the shipping lines agent. Besides, demurrage of equipment is involved due to significant turnover time of one delivery. In most cases, delivery in line container is not possible. In this cases, we suggest to reload into rail owned containers or wagons.

  • What about the guarantees of safety and liability limits?

    Railway is one of the safest transport modes. Nonetheless, nobody is insured 100% against robbery or occasional losses of cargo moving by railways. In that cases, railway carrier is responsible for such losses. Besides, Railway Logistics Service has an insurance of freight forwarder.

  • How to deliver out-of-gauge goods by rail transport?

    In the transportation of OOG goods it is crucial to take on account correlation of height and width of each unit or package. Therefore we analyze all dimensions very carefully before offering the service to a client. In order to make precise calculation we need some drawing and images of goods - the more we have the better is. If cargo is transportable by railway, lashing scheme has to be designed, checked and confirmed by certified engineers. After the scheme is ready, RLS searches and provides a appropriate rail car. Loading and lashing is arranged by professional lashing gang according to developed lashing scheme. Then, railway carrier receive the cargo for the transportation to a final customer. Usually, it takes from 3 till 7 days to develop scheme, depending on complexity.

  • What are the cases, when a lashing scheme is required?

    A lashing scheme is required in case the cargo doesn't comply Technical Requirements - The rules , that regulate loading and lashing on the railways. The Technical Requirements are being regularly updated by the railways, including the most common and recent loading and lashing types. Our company always analyzes checks your inquires in terms of necessity of lashing scheme.

  • Can you provide road and sea transportation besides railway?

    Although Railway Logistics Service mostly focuses on the railway transportation, we have all possibilities, relations and experience to provide sea freight and road haulage, including chartering and OOG transportation by road. Such approach allows us to provide full "door-door" service for client, and a client benefits by avoiding bother an enjoining professional job.

  • Do you provide insurance?

    Yes, we provide the best possible solution to insure your cargo in cooperation with the biggest insurance brokers.