Out of Gauge Goods

The company Railway Logistics Service fulfills full range of tasks related to forwarding of out-of-gauge or heavyweight cargoes by railway to Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia via port of Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia. This type of cargo includes such goods as power generators, turbines and other industrial equipment.


Transportation of OOG goods by railway has many benefits comparing to other types of transport:


  • It is significantly less expensive
  • It is not necessary to obtain permission to pass roads and highways


The service of transportation of OOG goods includes:


  • Design and approval of lashing schemes
  • Lashing of cargo
  • Reloading onto railcars
  • Organization of wagons supply
  • Filling out of full set of rail and customs documentation
  • Arranging all rail and customs procedures
  • Station expenses payments
  • Payments of rail tariffs till a destination
  • Daily tracking


It is crucial to have special and deep knowledge for successful Transportation of oversized goods by railway. That is why many-years’ experience of our company of this particular segment of transport guarantees exceptional service. We use only trusted terminals, lashing gangs and other subcontractors in order to sustain maximum quality. 

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